Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Islam and Socialism

Assalamualaikum and greeting dear comrades,

In this recent ages, or modern world we encountered the most explicit self confusion. We obviously blame it on religion, on our faith. Faith become dangerous to certain people and being attack for personal reason or unknown purpose. So, why is this happen?? Does religion had anything to do with it or it was another reason?? Nowdays, people are busy searching for answer, answer to elaborate the problem. The intiative must be without religion's guide, must been alienated from religion matter, it must be philosophically attached and dialectical, SOCIALISM!
Socialism, is one of the alternative to bring back pride of "lost" human being and the dysfunctional system, but its up to us whether want to accept it or not as the way of life or not, because we were MALAYSIAN, we had our own culture and we were so sensitive about this kind of thing.

Back to early ages, when Sir Thomas More (some people pronounce it Sir Thomas "Mores") first found an island in far-far away from Europe, it was not just about human kind found another land for empirialism, but it was the point of our ideological thought. Why?? The island refer to Utopia Island (it was not clear where it were situated in book), the island of "free" and "equally" right. The island's people, share every wealth, work together, share their drinks and food, they were socially connected even though their king had an equal right as their local people. When Sir Thomas More, publish the book (eventually a report of his visited to the island and other connected event that time) of the visit to the island, people encountered cross ideological thought. From this, then rise what we we call the "Utopian Socialist". This is what Babeuf, Proudhon been influenced from and then the most influence man in the world, Karl Marx. Marx's socialism, is the Utopian Socialism, where he fight for equality, share every wealth. This is where the real "meaning" of Socialism came from. (Fact is, Ibn Khaldun is the first individual that write sociologically, and Aguste Comte is introducing the word of "Sociology" and making the sociology field popular in the modern world).

We all know Russia (former USSR state), Cuba and China as a Socialist state. Then we all wrong, the idea of socialist state is the beautiful lie of 20th century!! There is no socialist state and simplier there is no word of "state" in Socialism. Because Marx want to crush down capitalism, and every state is state of capitalism, so there will be no state. The fact that there is and never will be a socialist state, referrences and comparision of the system in USSR, Cuba and China is not relevance and technically bias. It because, this country did not apply real socialism and communist manifesto in the country. For example, in the Communist Manifesto it was said that the working hour is just for 6 hour but Mao Zedong (claim that China as a socialism state) made it 20 hour of working hour!! So, how can it been claim as socialist state if the priciple of socialist not appropriately apply?? Thats why, claiming and practicing is 2 different thing. If we look into our country, we claim that we are the "Islamic Country", but what do we practice here? We look in our government system, the culture, social aspect, the media are we practice Islamic element there? I didnt see much different between our country and other country either.

Islam and Socialism, is there were connection? For me, it were. Islam is not just religion, it is the way of life. Our "way of life" is a complete guide for us from our birth till the day we die. Islam teach us to be fair and treat other equal even though we were differ in religion, ideological, status and other. Our religion also strongly recommended the faithful to involve in economy activity as been told by our prophet Muhammad S.A.W. If we open up our eyes, we will see that socialism is already exist in Islam. Especially Marx's Utopian Socialism, also fight for equality and economy is the factor of human conciousness, it was already been told in our religion's taught. That mean, socialism is not wrong and not the evil as we see it. The thing happen when we always believe in propaganda that being made from the western country, and not always think to find the truth. Its not that, history always written by the winners, and we just accept what we were told. The communist is just like the socialist, its not wrong to be a communist because the fact is, communist never claim that they never believe in god. (religion is opiate to human not to god). The idea of communist as an atheist??You should read more, dont rely on what other say, because what are you hear is not exactly the right thing. We must dig for the truth on our own. I had found the answer and Im not afraid to claim that Im a Marxist. Im not heretic just because Im claim to be Marxist, or Socialist or Communist, because I know the fact.

Im not telling this to ask you to accept Socialism, but I write this to tell the truth about real socialism, so everyone will not confuse about it later or sooner. Everything we do, we must had faith, we must belief. If we not, we will be lost. Like the situation now, Islam had being claim as a "Terrorist Religion". Is that the religion is the problem or the faithful that create the problem?? It was the same thing with socialism and communism, its not the idea that is wrong but the people like Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong and Castro who made this ideology as a devil that must be destroyed. We had to think more than accept anything that other feed you.

If there is a miss of fact or any idea of this, just let me know. we will discuss it.Thanks. I write this, with honesty and please open your mind for this.

-C e O-


proletarian said...

although i am an atihiest but i RESPECT the individual's belief in religion or God. for me, the issue now is about religion. this would only divide the working class around the world.

the issue now is capitalism's barbarism and communism as the future of humanity.

we should not be divided among religous beliefs, nationality, gender or race...

CeO said...

we must use alienation to seperate "material-self" and "spriritual-self". even though, we had different idea of religion, but w still have one in common, Socialism.

Religion is the other element of human and socialism is the others. Both are important, because human does not live just because it has body and body part, but we have soul and life. It was the same with our reality, were we do need the materialism as much we need spiritual element.

anyway, thanks for the idea comrades.